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The application made with you in mind

With the comeDiBuild solution, you'll have all the suppliers involved in your project in the same virtual space interchanging documents in a single format.

comedibuild features

comeDiBuild offers advantages for the construction company

  • In a single, simple and easy-to-use environment, you can manage the large volume of documentation that projects generate.
  • comeDiBuild is a platform created and adapted to the needs of the companies in the construction sector.
  • comeDiBuild acts as notary so you can follow the traceability of all documents.
  • Integrated with your ERP, comeDiBuild automates all paperwork.
  • Save time and money by having all your suppliers and industrialists on the same platform.
  • comeDiBuild facilitates the tasks of suppliers and industrialists so you can receive all the documentationand manage it efficiently.
  • comeDiBuild gives flexibility: you can follow the normal document circuit (order, delivery note, invoice) or occasionally follow an alternative circuit.

All advantages

How can comeDiBuild assist

  • Integrate comeDiBuild into your ERP for the automatic management of all your documents.
  • Send and receive your documents signed with all the information you need.
  • Control the status of your documents through digital fingerprint.
  • Accept delivery notes with a single click.
  • Attach a photo to the delivery note justifying the material supplied.
  • Send appraised delivery note, in proforma invoice format, for a more efficient issue of the invoice.
  • Receive digitally signed invoices from your suppliers.
  • Connect to FACeB2B/ REU if you work for the Public Administration.
  • Contact our technical support team to solve any questions or doubts.