I'm a Supplier

The application that makes your job easier

The speed, efficiency and simplicity in the management of your projects offers you the solution comeDiBuild, meaning a better relationship with your clients.

Benefits of using comedibuild

comeDiBuild offers innumerable advantages

  • Manage your work documents online.
  • All in a simple and easy platform.
  • You can consult the traceability and see the status of your documents at any time and from any place.
  • Forget printing, signing and sending project documents! comeDiBuild does it for you.
  • The invoices you upload to the platform are, from the first moment, in your client's inbox: comeDiBuild acts as notary for your peace of mind.

And your clients are happy

Optimum Client - Supplier relations

  • Easy to use

  • Simple formulas to create your documents

  • Access from any device and anyplace

  • More efficient and effective relationships with your clients

  • Immediate reception of invoices for your clients

A simple and easy-to-use tool

What can comeDiBuild help you with for only €50

  • Receive orders and send delivery notes onlineYour documents with your corporate image.
  • Generate documents in multiple ways:
    • Delivery notes starting from either a complete or partial order received.
    • Delivery notes starting from zero using simple formulas.
    • Upload invoices to the platform from invoices made with your invoicing program.
    • Invoices from accepted delivery notes.
    • Invoices starting from zero using simple formulas.
  • Consult the appraised delivery note to generate the invoice.
  • Control, for each order received, the material delivered or pending delivery.
  • One year document custody extendable to the time you need.
  • Automatic connection to FACeB2B.