Frequently asked questions


Which devices can I use to access?

comeDiBuild is designed to be 100% responsive, which means you can access comeDiBuild from any electronic device and from anyplace with internet connection.


What legal guarantees does the comeDiBuild service offer?

To guarantee the legal efficiency of the registration procedure of services on the comeDiBuild platform for contractors such as suppliers, it is important that both parties name eDiversa Group as a reliable third party in accordance with that established in article 25 of the Law 34/2002, entrusting them the generation and custody during the the period in which the service is contracted. In accordance with that established in article 3.10 of the current Law on electronic signature, both parties accept the use of this procedure and will follow the specific and general conditions of the service contract through a handwritten signature.


Document custody service, do you want a fixed or variable fee?

The document custody fee will depend on the modality of the service contracted. The integrated solution allows you to define personalized document custody plans based on user requirements.

The service contracted for €50 yearly includes a year of document custody on the platform from the first day of purchasing the service. In the case of requiring longer custody time, the service allows you to personalize plans based on user requirements.


Does the comeDiBuild platform work manually or can it be integrated with my ERP?

comeDiBuild allows you to chose between an integrated or manual solution.
Generally, the contractor will look for a solution integrated into their ERP in order to interchange a large amount of documents with suppliers automatically and instantaneously.

comeDiBuild allows you to choose between an integrated or manual solution manual.
For €50 per year and per construction company, comeDiBuild offers a manual solution to manage all the documents you need. However, if the volume of documents you need to interchange is very large, comeDiBuild offers a solution integrated into your ERP to work in an automated manner.


Can I see the status of my documents?

Yes, the comeDiBuild platform informs of document status at all times. The system tell you if a document is sent, read, accepted or rejected.

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