The next objective: the digitalization of the construction sector


One of the few positive aspects of the coronavirus pandemic is the acceleration of digitalization by the public. The construction sector has historically shown many shortcomings in terms of digitalization. The time has come to get moving and accelerate the digital transformation of the sector.

Construction is one of the economic sectors with the worst digitalization indices in the country. Even so, the pandemic could be a turning point for the sector to become aware of the importance of going digital and start its transformation towards construction 4.0. This transformation should be carried out on three levels: business, products in relation to clients.

At the business level, the digitalization of the construction sector should be aimed at improving connectivity between the different production centers and the headquarters, where the most crucial decisions are made. This will reduce one of the sector's most important problems: inefficiency.

At the product level, digitalization can be carried out in a multitude of aspects. One of the most advanced is the digitalization of residential, office and retail spaces. For example, it is now unthinkable for a professional space not to have a good Internet connection. Good progress is also being made in digitizing construction processes, offsite construction or the industrialized construction sector, and in methodologies such as BIM.

The third part of the sector’s digital transformation plan deals with the client. This area proposes the use of digital marketing tools in a bidirectional way, so that companies in the construction sector can get to know their customers better and customers can get to know the vendors through their online presence.

To remain a key sector in the economic development of the country, the construction sector cannot be left behind in this digital transformation process that has already begun. It must work on a plan of alliances to promote the digitalization of SMEs and freelancers that, as a final objective, will contribute to improving the competitiveness of the main players in the sector.

Tools such as comeDiBuild, the technological platform for document management specializsing in the construction sector that eDiversa Group created in 2019, are intended to boost this process.