Recycle and reuse, a new life for materials

More than 30% of the total annual waste in Europe comes from materials used for construction. Recycling and reusing these materials mainly benefits the environment, but companies also benefit, because they reduce costs and corporations in the sector become generators of new raw materials.

Waste in the construction sector comes from different materials. Some can be reused and others only recycled. But whatever the second life of the waste may be, we can be sure that raw materials and the total volume of waste will reduce.

How do you recycle and reuse different materials?

Steel: It can be transformed and reused an infinite amount of times, without lowering the quality of the final product, so after the recycling process it can be converted into a raw material.

Wood: The most important is a correct conservation both for hard as well as soft wood because they can last many more years and be reused. It can be transformed in raw material such as panels, sheets and biomass.

Concrete: Once recycled, it can be used to make the structural parts or the subsurface of new constructions. Also, recycled concrete is highly resistant, but its weight is less compared to new concrete, making it easier to transport and reducing transportation costs.

Plaster: After the recycling process, it maintains the same physical and mechanical characteristics as conventional plaster at a much more economical price.

Glass: Recycling glass is a complicated task because of its chemical composition. Even so, recycled glass has many uses. It can be melted and turned into fiberglass, combined with reflective paints, mixed with concrete and turned into countertops or incorporated into asphalt, among others.

The advantages

The benefits of recycling and reusing construction material on an environmental level are obvious, but not exclusive. Also:

  • The corporations in the construction sector are becoming the creators of raw materials. Saving costs and improving delivery times.
  • It creates new jobs whether in recycling plans or in companies looking for workers with backgrounds in this field.
  • Fiscal deductions can be applied.
The construction sector continues to bet on a greener future and looks for all the options so positive changes come as soon as possible.