Distrito Zeta, the first smart and sustainable neighborhood is in development

The development, investment and real estate management Company, Urbania International has created the first city inspired by Generation Z, those born between 1994 and 2010. Its name is Distrito Zeta and the principles on which it is being built are mobility, sustainability, technology and community.

Distrito Zeta will occupy the land of Sanchez Blanca, one of the largest areas to be urbanized in Malaga. It will cover an area of 66 hectares with 3,500 homes, of which 1,102 will be social housing. In addition, the inhabitants of Distrito Zeta will also have commercial and recreational areas, as well as green areas.

To create the project, a working team was formed by the developer and young people from the Z generation. The main conclusions they reached were that Distrito Zeta should be a space that pays special attention to the environment, urban technological applications, sustainable mobility and social integration. Among their proposals are the creation of electro lines, insect hotels, pet parks, urban gardens and multigenerational common spaces.

As for the project’s principles - mobility, sustainability, technology and community - Urbania defines them as the following:

Distrito Zeta will have 3.5 kilometers of bike lanes, bicycle parking, categorization of parking places and reservations by hour and usage. It will also install a package delivery service using drones and sensors to detect available parking places.

A network of urban vegetable gardens has been planned, the water consumption of the planned green areas has been reduced by half, trees can be sponsored, elements to collect renewable energy will be installed, as well as an intelligent irrigation system with humidity detection sensors. Recycling programs and the use of vehicles or shared transport will also be promoted.

It will be the first neighborhood in Malaga to take advantage of 5G fiber optic connectivity to improve teleworking conditions and an area to interact with augmented reality elements. They are also developing an app so community members can interact and organize themselves for rides and use of common spaces.

The smart and sustainable city of Malaga is designed to be a "neighborhood for everyone", where there is a strong sense of community and where neighbors feel an emotional bond. It will have social, sports and educational facilities, multi-family housing and inter-neighbor communication systems to promote shared activities.

Distrito Zeta symbolizes a revolution in the concept of a city and we hope it becomes a reality in the near future.

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