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  • Delays in tenders threaten the progress of construction in Spain

    The National Confederation of Construction has warned of the danger of a setback in the economic recuperation due to the slowdown forecasted in the growth of the construction sector. This sector will manage, directly or indirectly, 70% of the European funds and its downswing could affect the rest of the professional sectors.

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  • Delays in getting licenses affect employment and the economy

    Real estate agents and architects warn that the delays in the acquisition of building permits and licenses of first occupation are negatively affecting the economic development of the country and job creation

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  • The Construction Labor Foundation increases its documentary archive with new online tools

    The Construction Labor Foundation, with financing from the State Foundation for the Prevention of Occupational Hazards, has created five interactive guides and two websites designated to training, information and technical consulting on matters related to the prevention of specific risks in construction

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